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No, I don't have spare hardware lying around
I'm downloading it as we speak
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I only downloaded it, but I didn't try it
Yes, but I tried it and it ate my cat
No, but I really want to as soon as I can


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 Dave/Dina is being slashdotted.
Posted by God on Thursday, January 01 @ 00:16:10 CET (654 reads)

Dave/Dina is on a permanent hiatus.
For an alternative, check out Elisa.

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 First mirror is up
News Posted by God on Thursday, January 01 @ 00:43:43 CET (1233 reads)

Check here http://zandbak.zoo.apestaart.org/davedina-0.0/ or use bittorrent: (Thanks to paulproteus (Asheesh Laroia)

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 Dave/Dina is being slashdotted.
Posted by God on Thursday, January 01 @ 00:16:10 CET (654 reads)

Mirrors are being set up right now. More info in a few hours. Happy new year !

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 Some installer screenshots of the final 0.0 iso
News Posted by God on Wednesday, December 31 @ 00:00:00 CET (15383 reads)

dinasdream writes "I made some pictures of the installer as it is on the 0.0 iso.
Too lazy to thumbnail, but
here they are."

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 Happy Last Day of the Year - Dave/Dina 0.0 RELEASED !
News Posted by God on Wednesday, December 31 @ 00:00:00 CET (3495 reads)

dinasdream writes "Before I join the others here in my new home in Barcelona in being festive and raising our glass to the New Year, I wanted to share with you the moment I've been waiting for for quite some time.

It's been a long time coming, and there are still bugs, but I'm finally happy enough with the results to RELEASE our first .iso set !

Happy New Year, y'all !

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 Contact Information
Documentation Posted by God on Sunday, December 28 @ 21:14:22 CET (1174 reads)

How to reach us :
#davedina on irc.freenode.org
mailing list:
mail Thomas:
thomas (at) apestaart (dot) org
mail Kristof:
sweaty (at) urgent (dot) fm

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 Dave/Dina in for a change
News Posted by thomas on Thursday, October 16 @ 18:30:58 CEST (763 reads)

Well, for those who were wondering what's up, here's a short news update.
  • I quit my job
  • I'll be spending a whole month on Dave/Dina development
  • Dave/Dina is being moved to Red Hat 9
  • The goal is to get an ISO out real soon
  • This site will undergo some structural changes while I'm doing this
I'll let you know when the dust has settled down a bit.

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 Dave/Dina mentioned in Wired
News Posted by thomas on Wednesday, June 04 @ 12:17:56 CEST (568 reads)

Anonymous writes "Dave/Dina has been mentioned in Wired here! "

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 Contact information
Random Rambling Posted by thomas on Monday, February 10 @ 01:12:11 CET (653 reads)

So our booth at FOSDEM was a big success !

Some people have told me that they couldn't find the contact info, so I've put it up down below. Just drop us a line if you're interested.

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 Do you wanna sing ?
Random Rambling Posted by thomas on Wednesday, January 15 @ 22:32:35 CET (870 reads)

swentel writes "In our quest for total world domination we're almost at the first step: releasing our first own ISO.

But what about conquering Japan ? We put our heads together and had an interesting IRC-discussion I might say. The plan is simple: KARAOKE.

We *must* have a karaoka-application on the system. But how would we implement this ? There is a plugin for XMMS that cuts out the channel on which most voices are mixed, but it's not that effective.
You can also just collect mp3's from all songs without voices and import them in DAD and have a special flag for karaoke... But how do we manage the lyrics and so on ?

So we need links, ideas and (we can dream can't we) people who also like this and want to help out !"

Heh, rock :)
I'll get started on writing GStreamer plug-ins for text overlay and stuff. Anybody want to code a bouncing ball ?

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 VCRCRON Screenshots
Video Posted by thomas on Wednesday, January 08 @ 21:19:35 CET (29195 reads)

Time for some screenshots. Over the weekend I spent quite some time packaging dependencies for Kristof's cool vcrcron. It gets tv listings from EuroTV and parses them. The web interface allows you to browse through channels and schedule recordings once, weekly, or daily.

Of course, every recorded program is directly viewable on the Dave/Dina box as well as on the network.

See below for shots.

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